The Incredible Shrinking Beach

Jun 23, 2010 | Nature | 0 comments

I had to slide down a badly eroded slope to get onto Old Bar Beach today.
A few weeks ago the same spot had a defined path from the car park to the beach.
Where did it go? Compromised by all the recent rains and big tides, I guess.
Walking south along the beach, I had to skirt whole trees that had the dunes scooped out from under them. Now,
there was even less to hold the dune back and there was plenty of vegetation just hanging by tiny tendrils.
Along further, the folks from the Meridian Resort (in name only) had very carefully wrapped sheeting over what they imagined were their dunes. They looked so odd, like a Christos’ installation.
At the end of the walk, there was the site of a house that had to be demolished for safety reasons. Otherwise, it would have fallen in the sea.
What’s to become of the adjacent homes? What about the property developers? They want to keep building waterfront properties but with the Council accepting responsibility for any loss of houses.
My friend, a real estate sales person, often said, you can’t go wrong buying oceanfront property – God isn’t making more. From my view, it looks like God is taking it back.

- the incredible shrinking beach


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