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I made more of an effort to dress up when we lived in the city. Of course there were more people to impress.
I’ve already confessed to you that these days I mostly do my early morning yoga practice in my p.j’s.
My next admission probably won’t surprise anyone, particularly if you live in the country. I love my blue gum boots. (Actually they are Judy’s boots but she doesn’t have much use for them in Sydney in her CEO job.)
I used to envy little kids when I saw them sporting patterned, bright-coloured gum boots. No more.
Gum boots are so practical. I can walk through the wetland part of our property, no worries. I feel unafraid of snakes, not that I’ve seen any. If I hose my gum boots down, they come up shiny as new.
Best of all they match my trackies which are all blue, and my wide-brimmed hat which my sister sent me all the way from Arizona.
See, I do care about my presentation, just not very much 🙂

- dag


  1. as long as you care about the job at hand too, Ms G. ;p xxx

    • Too right, Richard. Hey, I read Cathy Cary’s piece in the Spectrum last week. Sounds like sub-titlers are going to be radically pruned from SBS. How are you?
      XO Eve

  2. Hi Eve,
    There seems to be a blue theme with the tank and wheel barrow a fetching combo.
    In NZ gumboots are part of the national dress. In the town where my parents live near there is signs outside the shops and cafes asking people to remove their gumboots before entering.
    By the way – dag in NZ is translated to ” a good sort”. Daniel oh wise one, loved the fireplace. TaniaX

    • Oh, goodness, Tania, “dag” has another meaning, which I won’t elucidate in this mostly family-friendly blog 🙂 Eve


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