I made more of an effort to dress up when we lived in the city. Of course there were more people to impress.
I’ve already confessed to you that these days I mostly do my early morning yoga practice in my p.j’s.
My next admission probably won’t surprise anyone, particularly if you live in the country. I love my blue gum boots. (Actually they are Judy’s boots but she doesn’t have much use for them in Sydney in her CEO job.)
I used to envy little kids when I saw them sporting patterned, bright-coloured gum boots. No more.
Gum boots are so practical. I can walk through the wetland part of our property, no worries. I feel unafraid of snakes, not that I’ve seen any. If I hose my gum boots down, they come up shiny as new.
Best of all they match my trackies which are all blue, and my wide-brimmed hat which my sister sent me all the way from Arizona.
See, I do care about my presentation, just not very much 🙂