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Saturday night Daniel and I stuck our necks out and joined some other locals as part of a burlesque cabaret being held in the riverside town of Wingham.
Daniel’s neck was further out than mine, which you might discern, from the attached photo. He devised an act that involved him singing a popular song without opening his mouth, kinda like a ventriloquist but without a dummy.
He and I performed a song from the sixties where the lyrics Daniel rewrote to be naughtier than the original ones.
The most amazing thing about the evening was how many people turned out. Maybe 150, maybe more. There were people from our community choir and from the wider community – from up into the hills, and up and down the coast. And including our loyal supporters…Mike, Judy, Carol & Martin.
It felt like such a great discovery that although we are newbies in this area, there are many ways for us to join in. We’ve been made to feel so welcome here. I think people just need each other more in the country.

- performers


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