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A yogini has to be detached in any circumstances; that is what she is cultivating: equanimity.
In this view, I probably let the team down this morning when I went out to the Yoga Shed to practice. I got a shock and I might have even said, “What the f#@*” in reaction to the mess I discovered.
By now, I should be prepared for certain wild events, living in the country as we do. Last weekend we were threatened with minor flood warnings which very nearly eventuated, but didn’t. We have been isolated before, only for a day. With the weekend’s forecast in mind, we headed for the supermarket and laid in plenty of provisions.
Back to the Shed, what shocked me was that my basket of eye pillows and bandages had been attacked by a creature – I’m guessing a small rodent – who was interested in the only edible thing in the room: flaxseed. (Remind me to order non-organic props next time.)
Oh well, the space did need a good vacuum after having been away for a couple of weeks. It was time to get some new eye bags, anyway. And, the bandages benefited from a wash.
If you’re wondering whether there are any mousetraps set, I’ll quote an Austrian yoga teacher I had long ago when I first moved to Sydney. She calmly said to someone who upbraided her for killing a mosquito, “It’s them or me.”


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