Grooming, etc.

Jun 6, 2010 | Healing, Health, Yoga practices | 0 comments

- grooming, etc. I started today – Sunday – with a proposition to hubby Daniel (men love to be propositioned) that we give each other massages. He accepted.
Actually, this is an activity we often share on a Sunday morning…a way of connecting physically, in the spirit of giving. Done in a sacred but not serious mood, with essential oils, incense and music.
When you do lots of yoga, as we do, it’s a great idea to have regular massages to iron out those niggley bits that perhaps get inadvertently tensed along the way.
Even living in the country has its stressors, as in landscaping at big property (!), and operating heavy power tools. As if we need to find more reasons for massage.
If your budget is a little lean or you live 370 km. from your favourite masseuse, find a friend or lover. You’ll end up looking as nurtured as our little monkey below.

- grooming, etc.

In the Monkey Forest, Ubud


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