How’s your yoga practice going since the colder weather has arrived?
Sometimes yoga students think their teachers bounce out of bed, raring to get to their yoga practice.
I’m not bad, but I notice since recent holiday disruptions of my practice routine that now that I’m home again, I’m not bouncing back.
In fact, the last two mornings, I was very happy to practice in the late afternoon – when my body is more warmed up, when the weather has warmed up. Restorative poses seem much more inviting, too, in the arvo – especially when I’ve been mucking around, building up the no-dig gardens with compost and wet newspapers.
Maybe I’m in a new routine now, one that let’s me enjoy a cuppa and a bowl of steaming porridge first thing in the morning, then sirsasana, sarvangasana, setu bandhasana, viparita karani, and pranayama last thing in the afternoon.