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I have been quiet on my blog for the last several days because I’ve been completely absorbed by Darwin and one of it’s great emissaries, Carole Baillargeon.
This a pretty charming place. I shouldn’t be surprised because I’ve been hearing about it for years. The city is little by most standards – just 100,000 and very friendly because lots of people are newcomers.
We had the most amazing experience in Kakadu, going in on the cusp of wet season transition to dry. On the Saturday night big storms kept campers from getting to one region. The next day the dragon flies emerged, clouds evaporated and dry winds arose.
A sign I saw tonight in Darwin announced “drink up, the Dry is here.”
I’ve had a most wonderful time here, between Carole’s Darwin Yoga Space and sumptuous Martin’s Vegetarian Cafe. The festivities last night with students in the studio were deeply honouring and the culmination of a 20 year relatioship/friendship with Carole.
Litchfield Park tomorrow – out with a bang!

- lineage


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