For some people, dying and going to heaven is staying in the Gold Coast Versace Hotel or a 4-hour shiatsu from Mardi Kendall – To use the French cliche, chaqu’un a son gout.
In this moment, for me, it is to be accommodated as I am in this loft bedroom at the Darwin Yoga Room, founded and directed by Carole Baillargeron.
I can open the curtains of our little mezzanine and look down on the big yoga warehouse space, replete with all manner of delicious yoga tools. The tongue-and-groove hardwood floor is set off by lemony walls with an Indian-design frieze that borders the room. Tastefully chosen decorations that Carole has brought back from her many teaching gigs in Bali enhance the decor. Best of all is the stunning tropical garden view students enjoy while they work to attain an equally beautiful trikonasana.
The most amazing thing, though, is that this studio is what Carole calls “the poor cousin” of the second room next door. It is where most yoga classes are held and indeed even more lovely.
You must come for a class, but I warn you, I’m not vacating the loft!

- top end


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