Bali Belly

May 26, 2010 | Health, Hip Surgery, Yoga practices | 0 comments

I miss my home yoga studio on Mitchells Island, but can I really complain about doing yoga in my current paradisal venue: Our Bali Villa –
I think not.
I experienced a happy surprise the other day when I was practising uddiyana bandha breathing. I decided to follow it with nauli, a kriya or cleansing exercise for the abdominal organs. Here’s a wikipedia link of you’d like more information and even a photo.
I’ve never succeeded with nauli in previous attempts so imagine my surprise when it worked straight away.
What seems to have made the difference is that, since major surgery in February, my belly muscles seem pliant enough to move around more freely.
Hopefully this doesn’t mean I’ve gone flabby. Rather that I’m just less restricted!


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