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This morning the first view I had from our villa window was of the rice paddy workers planting tender shoots. For me, even as a yogini, and for most Westerners, the planting would be considered back-breaking. These workers seem to work without breaks, sun-up to sun-down.
While they were bent double over their planting, I enjoyed the enormous privilege of doing my yoga practice.
Here in Bali I’m easily reminded – against the fiil of this poor island – how fortunate I am to be able to pursue my practice..
The mortar of Bali is spiritual practice. It’s what’s held the country together against the onslaught of bronzed surfers and wan European tourists.
And now, the more recent colonosation of Bali by yogi-entrepreneurs selling their retreats, yoga studios, clothing, props, etc.
Why not? It’s spreading the yoga word. As long as the locals can profit, too. Hopefully the environment wont suffer any more degradation in the process. But that’s another thread….

- privilege


  1. I have very fond memories of a yoga retreat in Obud with Simi Roche and her students from Adelaide. Agree that one should behave and spend so as to help the local population in a responsible way.
    Enjoy all the wonderful vegetarian food, the friendly Balinese and do try to get to some of the interesting temples and local dances.

    • Hi Emma,
      Daniel and took in the cultural activities of Bali and saw temples, volcanos and a coffee plantation (!) on previous trips to Bali. This time is more chill out, even in 31 degrees and 90% plus humidity. XO Eve


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