Heading north

May 20, 2010 | Travel | 3 comments

Daniel and I are in Roseberry on the cusp on a Bali/Darwin holiday, happily escaping the damp chill of Austalia’s eastern seaboard.
Mandy and Paul have the most amazing garden here designed and landscaped by the eccentric Ted, horticulturist extraordinaire. The feature I like best about their garden is the plush groundcover that looks gorgeous and can be walked on, no worries, but also never needs to be mowed. I wonder if we could plant an acre of it at Mitchells Island and sell the ride-on mower?
I’ve packed a yoga mat each for Daniel and me and expect to soon have some inspiring practices in the fragrant balminess of Bali.

- heading north


  1. Hi Eve,
    I belated response to “Teaching for one” – work got in the way until now.
    I was privileged enough to have had a class where I was the only person turning up. It was a couple of years ago, late Sunday afternoon at Yoga Space when I have just returned from all the time in Asia. Fiona Parker did not know me from a bar of soap at that stage but just look at me and said “I had a teacher saying teach to those that are present, not those who are not” and she gave me full attention, taught for 90 minutes and made the class a great experience for me.
    I have been a loyal student at the yoga shala ever since.
    Enjoy Bali, especially all the great vegetarian food.

    • I love Fiona’s comment, Emma. Too right! We had a lovely day today, no structure and plenty of relaxation. I even finished a book 🙂

  2. Eve… that’s interesting about Many and Paul’s Roseberry garden made by their friend Ted. Can you send me Ted’s contact details if you know them as it would be interesting to talk to him at some stage as colleague 🙂


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