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May 17, 2010 | Community, Yoga teaching  | 0 comments

Do you as a yoga teacher resent having small numbers of students in your classes?
It’s hard not to see strong numbers as some sort of validation of your success as a yoga teacher. Probably all they really mean is that you are popular, which isn’t necessarily the same as being skilful or knowledgeable. Still, numbers do make teaching more lucrative and help us keep our heads above water and the wolves away.
When I started teaching in 1980 I had two regular students, a couple. After about six months, the class size had doubled to four students. Over the next 30 years, I slowly became more popular, skilful and knowledgeable. My class sizes were reasonably large, but I preferred to have around 15 in a class because that was the number that I felt I could connect with.
After six months off, I’ve been back to teaching these last three weeks, in our far-flung Mitchell Island. Locals have shown up, three per each of my two classes, but tonight only twenty-something Erin came. The others had work commitments.
I haven’t taken a one person class in a very long time (without it being a designated “private” session). I think I have a good attitude, though. When numbers are lean, I see it’s an opportunity to give those few who show up exactly what they need.
Erin went home happy, and so did I.
Here’s the flier for my next course. Pass it on to all your Greater Manning Valley friends 🙂


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