Mucking around

Here are the photos that prove we are not living a life of sloth and indolence. Everyday there are jobs that call to us. Creating garden beds has kept us well-occupied for months.

Daniel and I spent this lovely sunny afternoon working on our acreage. After cleaning up after the horses that we agist on our back three acres, I had a wheelbarrow-ful of manure – just the thing to top up the extended no-dig garden below the shed. The icing, so to speak, that goes on top of soggy newspapers and grass cuttings to make a rich organic stew.


Daniel, in his new life of working with various machines, has taken over from Rick (while he’s on a four month holiday) of looking after our lawn. Daniel supplied the grass clippings for me, mowing by hand up down the hills. Hard yakka.
Are we too old for this? Only if it stops being fun.