Drink (YTAPT – Yoga Teachers Are People Too)

May 4, 2010 | Health, Hip Surgery | 0 comments

Another thing, my friend Maarit reminds me, that some people are shocked to discover about yoga teachers is they like a wee drink now and then. I’m talking about a glass of wine once in a while or a frosty beer on a summer’s day after working up a sweat in the garden.
The trouble that occurs when you do yoga over a long period of time is that you really sensitize yourself to the effects of over-indulgence, so gradually “bad habits” become less attractive.
I really enjoy a glass of fine wine now and then. And to be honest, I feel the effects the next day – a somewhat heavier feeing in my body, a little duller in my mind. You pay for what you gets.
After the experience of major surgery in February, followed by a week in hospital, and 12 days in rehab, when I eventually tried a glass of wine, it tasted like poison! Which I guess it is if taken in enough quanity and strength.
I couldn’t get the “alcohol equals poison” connection out of my head for awhile.
Fortunately, while I haven’t been as enthusiastic about drinking the budget wine that we ordered on-line, I also am not committed to being a wowser.
Just hanging out for a nice drop of Chateau Neuf de Pape or even a good Aussie Cabernet Merlot. On occasion, in moderation.


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