As of today, I’m announcing to the world I’m back on deck teaching – in the Yoga Shed at Mitchells Island.
Yesterday was exactly 3 months since my surgery, and I’m fit and well. Certainly beach walks, fresh air, green vistas, and daily yoga practice have gone a long way towards my feeling reconstituted. Life is good. At the same time I’ve been missing teaching and this is a way to start gathering yoga community in our new neighbourhood.
Here’s the flier that tells the story: MIyogaleaflet2
If you feel like passing it on to any interested people, please go ahead.


  1. Well, well, well, I thought you would retire and just do some workshops, and travel and write.
    Can’t keep the good woman down very long. Good luck, I hope that the people realize that they have a world class teacher in their neighbourhood, and that they are priviledged to have you teaching them.

  2. My thoughts also …can’t keep a good woman down – what retirement? what surgery? The blog’s been an excellent teaching aide beyond Taree, but there is nothing like a hands-on class. Good luck and welcome beginners!

    • Hey there, Mark. Missed you when we were in Sydney (Sat. yoga & brekkie). Thanks for your encouragement. Miss you, and love to the family. Eve


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