I’ve never been properly appreciative of growers, being basically a city girl for most of my life. Produce was always something that you bought at the grocery store. These days you get designer or heritage or organic produce and it tastes like the real deal. Growing food is definitely an art, as well as a science.
As a yogini I know I shouldn’t allow myself to swell up with pride, but it’s just the bald-faced truth that I’m proud of my little herb and veggie garden.
I had the most delicious meal at my friend Denise Cook’s one night – a warm lamb salad with the greens picked just before dinner from her garden. Denise is a total inspiration in what she grows in her garden which is about as big as a postage stamp and happens to be located in an inner city suburb. Food is so delicious when it is minutes fresh!
I’m pleased with my progress as I can do more and more yoga poses these days. It’s been 12 weeks since I had double hip surgery. But I’m just that little bit more pleased with my small victories as a gardener because it’s a new skill.
Who says you can’t teach an old dog?