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Apr 24, 2010 | Community, Health

- something new under the sun

Lagoon @ Mitchells Island

- something new under the sun


It’s not often that someone beats me to the yoga room, but Mike did today. So lovely to have his deep appreciation and experience in yoga beaming into the Shed. He did some thoughtful backbends, and I did my arm and shoulder weights routine, followed by an abbreviated yoga practice. Mike exited and Heather entered.

All of us Shedders ended up at the Waterbird Cafe for our regular Saturday morning breakfast, with the SMH quiz to tease our brains.

The beach walk is a daily ritual, you must know by now. I wasn’t prepared, though, for the Manning Point Beach to have been reconstructed overnight. Instead of it being straight as a ruler for kilometres as normal, it was scalloped and banked so that lagoons had formed at low tide with sandbars behind them. Very picturesque, and child-friendly, too, as a mum and toddler proved paddling around. in the turquoise water. I love that the beach is always subtly different, but only because I remember to pay careful attention to it. The tides change. The sea throws up myriad stones, shells, and jelly fish. Dunes erode and plants uproot.

Giving full attention to yoga practice reveals so much of interest to us, too. Muscles can be switched on that are latent much of the time. Surface stretches that gradually deepen can open up the inner body. Patterns of breathing that mostly lie below the conscious level are brought into the light to be recognised, perhaps modified. The body, our most intimate instrument, can be celebrated, fine tuned, and played like a harmonious melody.

BKS Iyengar embellishes the metaphor even more when he says, “Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul, create the symphony of life.”


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