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- heaven

Giant Bromeliad (wish it were mine)

What makes for heaven on earth for you? Reading the SMH at your favourite cafe early in the morning before the brunch crowd arrives? Sleeping in on Sunday morning – I mean all morning – with your darling? Seeing a five star movie that really deserves all of its rating? Maybe your kid gets his first paid work doing something he/she really likes? Having a goss with your best friend who you can tell anything to?
Moi, I love doing yoga (Yoga Suits Her) so rolling out of bed and going straight to the Yoga Shed for practice, with Heather joining me at some point.
That’s how I started the day today. Sigh. Perfection.
After breakfast, a walk and dip at the beach at Manning Point…divine! Perfect weather for it, including the temperature of the sea.
Gardening is one of the things that makes an honest woman of me, just so you don’t end up thinking country life is all fun and games. This afternoon Heather and I planted the variegated ginger bulbs which Kate so generously donated to our garden beds. They will stay in pots until it’s time for the Spring planting, moderated by our guru, Peter (that’s his big bromeliad in the photo).
Heaven is getting my feet and hands dirty in the earthy pursuit of growing things. Why? Who cares?

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  1. Hey Eve,
    you’re gonna have giant landscape broms just like this one at your dream home within a few years !!!
    Aren’t they great – yours will be even better 🙂


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