Apr 22, 2010 | Community, Health, Yoga practices | 2 comments

What a treat! I was able to practice with the Simply Yoga teachers this morning. Sigh. I miss having that routine in my life.
Speaking of routine, I waived my regular yoga practice while staying at the Fallows. Good thing it was only a week long. No walks either, but plenty of drinking and dining at Sydney eating establishments. As a result I feel trendified and rather overfull. Time to get back to yoga practice, beach walks and hard work in the garden.
More than that, as we’re driving north, I’m anticipating kilometer-wide horizons and country fresh air, as well as the brain space that lets thoughts roll around a while before coalescing (or not).
The city vibe has been fun. Seeing friends even better. But everyone has to go home sometime, even those who live in the Big Smoke.


  1. hi Eve…serendipity is a wonderful thing, is it not ? Lovely to see you so unexpectedly on Town Hall station last week…I thought later how completely random that was and what the odds were – I haven’t been to Town Hall station in months if not years ! Alchemy went on to sing wonderfully at the wedding that afternoon…so glad to have seen you if only briefly on your Sydney sojourn…safe travels back up north – hope to see you and Daniel in your new natural habitat sometime…b xx

    • Hi Brendan, I don’t know if I was able to reply to your note. We’ve been having rural internet headaches. Lovely to see you and especially to hear that you are enjoying the choir so much. Have you discovered Twitter yet? It’s fun!
      XO Eve


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