What Have I Done?

Apr 20, 2010 | Yoga Media | 5 comments

Perhaps it has something to do with being in the big Sydney smoke these last several days. Away from the purified air of Mitchells Island and the happy routine of my yoga practice.
But I’ve done it now. I’ve tweeted my first.
Daniel is the enabler for all things cyber that I eventually embrace.
He’s just now helped push me away from the shore out into what seems like vast uncharted Twitter waters.
My Twitter name is YogaEve if you want to see how me and my little bobbing boat navigate this new territory.
Wish me well!


  1. Howdie dear Eve
    Great bloggin’ girl! Will keep seeing you out here in cyber land xx

  2. Good luck! I’m still holding out against Twitter. Let’s see how long I last….

    • Only try it if it’s going to be fun. I tweeted and it led to a impromptu dinner with John and Tansi. XO Eve

  3. Can’t stop the progress, you have always been the bold one.
    I’m with Jennifer, just learning how to do the Facebook. Isn’t one web connection enough?

    • Moving with the times and creating new neuronal pathways, Maarit.
      XO Eve


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