Happiness is a Headstand

Apr 13, 2010 | Inversions | 0 comments

- happiness is a headstand

Niralamba Sirsasana - Eve 2002

I know I’ve referred to Sirsasana (headstand) as a happy pose before. It is an individual thing, I realise. But I’m one of those individuals who loves being upside-down on my cranium. If you observed me in Sirsasana, you would hear me sighing profusely as the floor massages my scalp and the underlying plates of my skull. Such an overload of sunny sensations! Oh my!
I’ve heard that the eminent yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar doesn’t approve of sensual impressions being the goal of yoga, but sometimes they just come to you unbidden. A gift. A mood enhancer that is completely natural.
Just so the yogi doesn’t lose perspective, Sirsasana’s mate, Sarvangasana, must be partnered with headstand in any balanced yoga practice. They are the King and Queen of the Asana Kingdom, and go hand in hand.
If you are having trouble finding your enthusiasm for these inverted poses and feel like you wish to understand them better, there’s a fabulous book you could read called Awakening the Inner Body by Donald Moyer. Mr. Moyer, a delightful teacher from the U.S., ¬†gives the inversions pride of place right at the beginning of his insightful book. His approaches make these vital poses user-friendly. Check out the book info¬†here.
In the meantime, if you are somewhat squeamish about headstands, take a few one-to-one lessons with an experienced teacher. No one should have to go headstandless….


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