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Garden Beds

I don’t know a whole lot about gardening. I don’t even know if that expression “pottering around” in the garden would apply to what I do. What I do is more like “messing around”. I make mistakes and kill things off, and plant stuff that never makes it past the neonatal stage. However, recently (and with Heather watching) I planted winter tomatoes and lettuce, and they are happily thriving. It feels good to grow things.
The photo is of some of the garden beds that we have been building since Dec./Jan. and they have been a learning experience all by themselves. Somehow, I’m sure they will turn out okay but right now all the organic matter in them (newpaper, grass clippings, chook poo, compost, top soil, mulch) will still need maturing for another couple of months.
We will be adding more material to them, as our gardening guru has said they need to be beefed up. Perhaps sea weed will be the next ingredient that we mix in. I’m looking forward to bringing some of the beach back to commingle with the dirt.
For a long time, I’ve considered that doing regular yoga practice is like tending to a garden. Michael Leunig says this about doing a daily ritual:
“Each time it occurs, something important is revitalised and strengthened. The garden is watered.” (from A Common Prayer)
This is my experience. Each day on the mat is another chance to experience the fragrance of yoga. Gardening and yoga both bring joy.


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