Sangha (Part Two)

Mar 13, 2010 | Community, Yoga teaching  | 2 comments

A little while back, I wrote about two of my communities, my two women’s groups.
Community has been a continuous and important theme in my life. There’s an old movie called “Witness” that is set in an Amish community in America. I saw that movie 4 times and probably could see it again – no, not just for the youngish Harrison Ford – but because of the way the people portrayed worked together so well. There’s a scene of a barn-raising in the movie that made me cry every time I saw it. What is that? Something in my psyche, I guess, that responds to a group working together in good will for common benefit.
Our home on Mitchells Island, designed for 3 couples to live in, is one expression of community. Judy and Mike are not living here full time as yet, but Rick, Heather, Daniel and I have been enjoying the experience of living communally for 4 months now. We alternate days of cooking and share our meals, and have been working on completing house and landscaping projects. To my mind, things go better in a team, so our brainstorming sessions generate diverse ideas, and then we can divide the labour so carrying out our ideas is not onerous.
Daniel has taken to the chain saw and brush cutter enthusiastically, and Rick seems to love tending to the rather extensive lawn mowing on his ride-on. Heather, for some time, has been the director of landscaping, with me in the sou-gardener role. But, now that my hip recovery is accelerating, I hope we can be more equal partners in shouldering the load.
Recently our tendrils have been going out from Scotts Rd., over Mitchells Island, and further afield into Wingham and Taree. There’s the community choir, a book club, and, now, the possibility of yoga classes at Manning Point. Oh, man, can you imagine, waterfront yoga with pelicans, cormorants, darters, and dolphins as a backdrop. And, a brand-new yoga community for me to grow and cultivate.
Care to book in?

- sangha (part two)

Manning Point


  1. What a great spot for yoga! How long would the weekly commute be? Probably not feasible, right?

    • Less than two hours north of Newcastle, Jen. And, great accommodation in the Shed. 🙂


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