What the heck is Yoga Therapy? (Sometimes called "Special Needs" or "Remedial Yoga")

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These are terms that a keen student or teacher might run across with increasing frequency these days. They represent a specialised area of yoga that offers a holistic approach to treating chronic or acute ailments.
What sort of treatment? A range of approaches: asanas, breath work, meditation, perhaps Ayurvedic remedies, all may be used for the purpose of creating symmetry in the body and harmony in the mind. Here’s an example of a “propped up” yoga therapy pose:

- What the heck is Yoga Therapy? (Sometimes called "Special Needs" or "Remedial Yoga")

Purvottanasana (variation)

In the hands of a capable Yoga Therapist, one’s symptoms and even the causes of illnesses may be alleviated.
What is a Yoga Therapist? She/He may be a very experienced yoga teacher who’s worked with a variety of individuals with various injuries and medical complaints, and who has garnered skills and knowledge over many years. In consultation with the student, the Yoga Therapist designs an appropriate yoga practice for that student’s special needs, and then, this personalised sequence can be practised at home.
Ideally, the student is inspired through his or her own practice of yoga to create mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health on-goingly.
Yoga Therapist and student thus work together; the student is empowered by doing the yoga practice, and the Yoga Therapist assesses and refines the practice to create an optimum healing situation.
You can be trained in Yoga Therapy in Australia through a school that has a course offering a graduate certificate in the subject. You can also become a member of The Australian Association of Yoga Therapists, if you meet the organisation’s standards.
If you would like to participate in a Yoga Therapy Intensive, Byron Yoga Centre runs a 12-day course that is recognised by the U.S. Yoga Alliance: http://www.byronyoga.com/
You might have guessed that I’m interested in and have practiced Yoga Therapy for yonks, and perhaps you have even surmised that I am teaching in the above course 🙂
- What the heck is Yoga Therapy? (Sometimes called "Special Needs" or "Remedial Yoga")

Chest-opener (after Hip Replacement)


  1. OMG – I want to cry with joy – Eva and John teaching together – it is like a dream come true. If all the stars align I would definity come but alas what do I do with Denina for 10 day full days.
    Do you think you will be doing this course again next year? I hope so.
    Take care Eve.
    LOL Penny

    • Hi there, Penny,
      So lovely to see you pop up on my blog. As far as teaching the course next year, well, we taught it last year, so it seem likely.
      Nothing like a little time in Byron Bay in the middle of winter too!
      Sending love and hugs to you and Denina, Eve


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