February 2010

Portion Control Take Two

The wise ancient, Patanjali, identified certain human frailities and offered ways of correcting them in his “Yoga Sutra”.
One of them is particularly relevant to the above topic and in Sanskrit is called “aparigraha”, the practice of non-greed.
Greed is spectacularly obvious when we read about excessive Goldman Sachs’ executive bonuses or Bernie Madoff’s financial blood-sucking.
But greed presents with much more of a slippery edge when it plays out in yoga practice.
You might decide to go that little bit further in Uttanasana because you felt you didn’t do enough yesterday. […]

Portion Control

I’m sure I could become the next guru if I could explain to people how to do “portion control”. These two words didn’t fall together so often until relatively recently, until the “obesity epidemic” started mushrooming.
I can imagine my sensible Midwestern-born 90 yr.-old mother-in-law saying, “You just push your plate away when you’re full. That’s all.”
I’m a member of that camp – stop eating when you’re full. Scientists link this ability with something called an “appestat”, like a thermostat for central air control on the wall, only appetite control is in your brain. […]

Say "No" to Drugs (Sometimes)

Miracles of modern times. I’m sitting here in my chair, with my 6 day old happy hips and sending my words out across the globe. Trishna and Krishna, twins conjoined at the back of their brains, are separated and live to tell about it. Faces are transplanted. Eight children are born in one labour.
This is only possible through advances in medical technology, surgery and drugs. […]

Swiish, swiish

There’s a particularly delicious sound that the in-line rollers of rollerblades create when you’re moving with a rhythmic stride. I’m sure it’s theta wave inspired like what happens when the sadhus chant “Ram, Ram, Ram” for hours on end. The potential problem here is that the blader can get hypnotized by the music of his feet and crash!
Today for the first time I learned to use crutches, practising walking with my new prosthetic hips. I’m a tiny bit embarrassed to say I experienced some of the exhilaration of my old blading days. […]


 Yesterday I had quite a few tears. Happily sadness doesn’t scare me. To the contrary, I consider it to be cleansing and revealing. The emotion that was coming up each time I cried was associated with a certain feeling I’d been stuffing down and not allowing myself to experience. I was surprised when I realised that part of the blues was caused by the fact that  I hadn’t told people I love how much they meant to me.It’s not unusual to misinterpret or ignore strong emotion. […]