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- thumbelina


What else to call a creature only a little larger than your thumbnail? This one popped out of a pot to which I was transplanting a bamboo plant today. It was very lucky not to have been spliced in two by my spade.
When you think about it, it’s quite miraculous that tiny beings survive at all in nature. It’s such a bird-eat-frog world out there.
Frogs are a lot smarter than I thought, though. A little family of them lives in the circuit box on the side of the house. After we bought this property, and came up for our first holiday, we opened the box to turn the hot water switch on, and a few frogs flew out. Maybe it’s a good place for generating a little heat in the winter. These small amphibians must be as flexible as BKS Iyengar to be able to squeeze into that box when the door is closed.
At the moment, there’s a bigger relative of Thumbelina who’s taken up in the mail box. I check on him each day when I pick up the mail, and he’s always there, but I’m thinking he must have to go out for meals. Interestingly, I think he’s house-trained, too, as there are never any deposits in the mail box, just the postman’s deliveries.
- thumbelina

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