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Jan 3, 2010 | Yoga practices | 2 comments

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Maybe it was a little arrogant of me to be in advising mode on Day One of 2010 when in fact I hadn’t volunteered what I was up for this year. Certainly Day Three of the New Year can’t be too late. So, here goes: I am going to be a nicer person. There!
And how am I going to achieve this? Well, there are the truly obvious ways:
•Don’t yell at people. Especially my best friends and husband.
•Do be generous. Say sorry if I have hurt someone (even when I know I was in the right).
•Smile more, or at least work up to it by cultivating a pleasant expression on my face.
•Laugh at myself instead of others.
•Don’t rehearse what I am going to say before the other person has finished speaking. Leave a space for not knowing.
•Look for the best in people, including in myself.
•Eat well, rest well, exercise (but not obsessively), not because of being virtuous, but because these things contribute to sweetness.
•Don’t try to be perfect, and certainly don’t lord it over anyone else.
The above list could obviously be expanded but you get the gist.
My yoga practice is a great place for me to cultivate being a nicer human being just in my approach to what I do…balancing steadiness and softness, steadfastness and surrender. I can set my intention (san kulpa) in the beginning of my asana practice and re-inforce it in my pranayama and meditation.
I’ll let you know how I go….


  1. Isn’t this a description of who you already are?

    • We all have are moments 🙂


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