Yoga Classes and Workshops


Eve at the Yoga Shed on Mitchells Island

Photo of where yoga classes are held. It's a big green Yoga Shed with flowering bougainvillea at front entrance.


Yoga is one of the simplest organic activities we can do for our health and well-being. As natural as looking at a blue sky, smelling summer flowers or swimming in the sea. Come join in our yoga classes, conducted in the lovely, peaceful surroundings of Mitchells Island, NSW

When: Tuesdays (during the school term) 10-11:30 am

Where: 2 Scotts Rd, Mitchells Island, NSW

 Cost is $15.

For more information, phone on 0414 555 881 or email–[email protected]



Eve in Taree


Yoga is an art, and, as art belongs in a gallery, so does yoga! 

Eve conducts weekly sessions at the Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree–a beautiful and tranquil environment.

When: Wednesdays 5-6:30 pm (during the school term)

Cost: $18 per session or $135 (9 week term). No need to book. Just bring yourself and a yoga mat. 

Location: 12 Macquarie St., Taree

For enquiries: Eve 0414 555 881 or the Gallery 6592 5455

Eve in Nabiac

Weekly sessions at Nabiac Public School.

Yoga poses to stretch, strengthen, balance and relax the body.

When: Mondays 6:30-7:45 pm (during the school term)

Cost: $18 per session. No need to book. Just bring yourself and a yoga mat.

Location: Clarkson Street, Nabiac

For enquiries: 0414 555 881


Eve at Forster Yoga Studio
Teacher Training on The Art of Adjustment
When: April 2nd 10am – 12 noon
Location: Forster Towers, Wallis Street
Level 1, Suite 55
Forster, NSW
For enquiries: 

Ph: 6555 7965
0421 556 615