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A Great Combination: Yoga and the Joy of Singing

A Great Combination: Yoga and the Joy of Singing

The Joy  There are lots of ways that people express courage. A person who is stiff, weak and doesn’t breathe well is as brave as an astronaut when they sign up for their first yoga course. I thought that I demonstrated this sort of courage when I joined Wingsong... read more

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Yoga Props Can Be a Lifeline

An unexpected benefit that I’ve derived personally from using props is humility. They are truly supportive and remind me that I don’t have to it all myself. I can yield to a ‘helper’, and in this sort of surrender I’ve learned to let go physically. That has a knock-on effect for letting go emotionally and mentally, and releasing the tight grip of ego.

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A New Sangha of Yoga Teachers

A bright idea One thing I thought of earlier this year was getting local yoga teachers together for a once-a-month practice. The idea I had was that we teachers would come together with one individual leading a yoga practice, and that that person would nominate the... read more

Stuff Happens: My Tooth Fell Out!

I like to think that some wisdom has been born of age. I recognise that for most of the time, like you, I’m doing the best I can. Mistakes happen and they always will. Sometimes the more we do to have mistakes not happen just creates more painful experiences when they do.

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Yoga for Exhaustion

Who hates being exhausted? Me! It’s not sexy to find oneself in a state of exhaustion. It could even be viewed as decidedly unattractive. Worse, exhaustion is often accompanied by low spirits, including a whole lot of resistance to feeling this way.... read more

Balance and Sustainability: Yoga Helps

A human body cannot continually be pushed, with the pendulum swinging widely between extreme behaviours. Maintaining a sense of well-being for as long as possible is only really likely if we can opt as much as possible for the middle ground during our lives and seek balance in all things.

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