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The Holidays are a Perfect Time for Home Yoga Practice

The Holidays are a Perfect Time for Home Yoga Practice

Consistency is the key to successful home yoga practice. It builds a habit, a neuronal pathway or a psychological groove. This momentum will carry you along even when your mind or life tries to pull you in other directions.

I know from experience that there are times when I’m tempted to break my routine. I’m human. But I’m always glad after the fact that I did my practice, not the least because I kept my commitment.

There’s an element of faith in the beginning. You’re hoping that you’ll feel as good at the end of your practice as you do at the end of your class sessions. But your faith in yoga practice will be validated. The more practice you do, the more effective your sessions become.

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Yoga for Menstruation = Good Health

Women need to take into account when, how and what to practice, depending on exactly where they are in their menstrual cycle. A well-planned yoga sequence of special poses will usually help with the release of menses, eliminate tiredness and balance hormones.

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Back to the Source: A Plug for Patanjali

Patanjali as source I wonder how many yoga teachers talk about the meaning of yoga in their classes. It's taken me a long time to acknowledge the importance of doing this, and, to do it. My reason for not communicating on this topic? Remarkably, I thought it wasn't...

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That Wise Old Guy: Leonard Cohen

Several years ago I saw Leonard in concert in the Hunter Valley. He must have done similar performances countless times around the world. And, his audiences would have known almost every word of his songs. Yet, when I saw him, he and his musicians performed in a manner utterly fresh. All of the music to the highest standard.

But what stood out for me were Leonard’s humility and his presence.

He frequently and warmly acknowledged his band and backing singers. We came for him, but by the end, we loved them, too.

Well into seventies, Leonard seemed as flexible as a young yogi. He got down on his knees to defer to his old guitarist. He skipped on and off stage. He bowed often and reverently.

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Eve’s Yoga Workshop in Port Stephens

  May you walk in beauty -- Navaho prayer and blessing   In January of this year I taught a five-day immersion course for yogis with the theme of Beauty--living life beautifully. It occurred to me that the quality of beauty is a worthy one to strive for. And...

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