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Yoga and the Beautiful You Workshop

How is it that our own beauty and goodness seem hidden from us? In my healing journey, the way to seeing my beautiful self has necessitated shining a light onto my shadow side. Uncomfortable as that process is, I know that the tender exposure of my negativity is the path to the goodies, Beauty being one of them.

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Meditation and the Beauty of Open Sky

“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” The above quote from Pema Chodran appeals to me. I relate well to metaphors–word pictures. I know I am not really the sky, but to be able to feel into my mind, having it be as big as the open sky, well,... read more

The Beauty of Yoga Practice

Recently I taught an ‘intensive’ week at the Yoga Shed. I based my teaching on the abstract concept of Beauty. I wove in poses that I considered appropriate to the theme and developed a sequence for each day. The first day we followed a sequence of standing poses. The aim was to experience the beauty of being grounded.

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