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What This Yogini Has Learned About Camping

Yogini in steep learning curve I have a persona that I rather enjoy presenting to the world–that of being a skilful Yogini. I admit this fact in order to be completely transparent. I know that yoga is meant to help you divest of guises and the ego, but there it...

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The Yoga of Practising Kindness

The kindness of friends I’ve always thought that practising kindness was one of the most beautiful yoga practices there is. I’m not always good at it but kindness and generosity are my aims. In this post, I’d like to credit some of the many people...

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Travel Yoga: A Bumpy Road

Practising self-forgiveness along the bumpy road I thought it would be easy, but no. In two weeks of travel up the coast of NSW, I’ve only managed a few yoga practices.  ‘Just do it!’, I’ve advised students over the years. Set up a regular...

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Eve: Ambassador of Yoga

I was recently selected to be an ‘Ambassador of Yoga’ by the Australian Yoga Journal. The magazine has created a community of 10 ambassadors, two men and eight women. You can see us in the latest issue.

Like me, you may be wondering what such an ambassador is or does. The editor says that the AYJ will rely on our group to help connect the magazine to ‘the greater yoga society in Australia.’ She adds, ‘We’ll be tapping into their expert knowledge…passion and wisdom.’

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Women’s Yoga: 5 Reasons to Stop Practicing Yoga Like a Man

Some years ago I attended a yoga teacher–friend’s class and shared a cup of tea with one of his female students after class. When my friend’s student heard that I specialized in yoga for women she confided that she suffered debilitating menstrual pain every month. I asked her if she still attended my friend’s yoga class during her period. She replied that yes, of course she did, she just took a pain-killer as she didn’t want to miss her ‘yoga-fix’. “So how do you feel after you do the class?” I enquired, curious, because my friend’s classes were of the dynamic, yang, make-you-sweat type. “Oh, I feel worse!” she replied, resignedly.

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Rainy Weather Blues: Do Yoga

The rainy weather here on Mitchells Island has been extreme. There’s been widespread flooding, including our neighbours’ paddocks. The overflow has spilled on to our property and filled part of our paperbark wetland. We’ve come to expect these occasional wet events. We live on an island, and it’s less than a kilometer from a river channel.

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