Judith Lucy Comes to Mitchells Island to See Us!

Green pastures

Here’s a little look-in at our home and gardens and us.

In this film excerpt below we are being interviewed about our inspiring communal lifestyle by Australian comedian Judith Lucy. It’s part of a six-episode series called Judith Lucy is All Woman. You can view all of this episode or even the whole series on the ABC’s iView. Hope you enjoy it!

Judith Lucy is All Woman and So Are We

Judith Lucy   See the Shedders We ‘Shedders’ were privileged to be filmed for the ABC series Judith Lucy is All Woman. The last episode which went to air tonight featured all six of us living our communal lifestyle on Mitchells Island. Listen to the Best As part of that final episode, Lucy organised a collaboration of some of Australia’s most recognisable female voices to sing a […]
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Girl Friends

pink I attended the Divine Feminine conference this last weekend, as a participant and a presenter. As a result, I feel filled up from the experience of hanging out with wonderful, powerful women (an oestrogen high?) The Sunday program coincided with Internatiional Women’s Day. As I taught my yoga session, I pictured myself as part of a […]
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No Single Right Way to Do Yoga

Shoulderstand Variation My way or the highway The way I learned yoga was according to strict rules. After 10 years of the my-way-or-the-highway approach, I’ve spent the ensuing period deconstructing those rules and discovering my own body’s rhythms and requirements. Along the way, I had to learn to get across an entirely different message in my teaching […]
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Will Dancing Make You a Better Yogi?

dance   I’m a yogini, without much expertise in dancing. Nevertheless, I love music and dancing. I identify with a colleague of mine who says the reason that he does yoga is so that he can be flexible and strong for dancing. Yesterday I participated in a dance class, one of a series of six that are […]
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Discipline is Freedom – Really!

hammock At this very moment, it’s hot and sultry. I feel lazy. I don’t want to do anything except lie in my hammock, dozing off with an unchallenging book. I definitely don’t want to be sitting at my computer trying to say something fresh and interesting. But here I am, writing away, because that’s what I do. If nothing else, […]
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Yoga and Surgery: Good Companions

Stretching and strengthening post surgery The All-Clear Five years ago today, I was a patient at Hunters Hill Private Hospital in rehabilitation after double hip replacement surgery. I’ll give a little time to let that sink in. Yes, two hips at the same time. I had bi-lateral surgery, a 3.5 hour procedure, whereby I received titanium protheses. I had to learn to walk […]
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Headstand: A Pose for all Occasions

'I do' Wedding Card 30-1-04 Headstand: Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays… Anything The above drawing was done by Soo Balbi on the occasion of our wedding in 1994. I like the message that the card proclaims: this is a non-conformist marriage. It also says that yoga is an important part of Daniel and Eve’s lives, and it can also be done anywhere. A few years ago […]
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