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Yoga and Life Lesson: Be Flexible

I thought I was was a reasonably flexible person. And I don't just mean being able to fold up in Uttanasana like a Swiss Army knife. I mean mental/emotional flexibility. I used to be quite glib in my yoga teaching: 'work on your suppleness and this will make you mentally limber.' read more

The Big Aussie Rocks: Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Big doesn't adequately describe Uluru's size. Three hundred forty eight metres high with a circumference of 9.4 km. And, that's just what is showing; it's not generally known that most of Uluru''s bulk lies underground.
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Outback Yogini: Camping Couture

Pack your favourite (old) things. You'll be wearing them a lot more than you do in your ordinary life, but it's like having brought your friends with you. Take things that don't show dirt! Im wearing a lot more greys than I normally do but I can always accessorise with colour. Because I'm wearing greys, every Pack clothes that can cope with being washed over and over in a commercial machine. After a while, my denim skirt and jeans have become as comfy as loungewear.
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2016: An Astonishing Array of Desert Flowers

We didn't plan it. Actually, we've done remarkably little planning on this our 4-month odyssey around the eastern half of Australia. But we lucked out! Apparently the central and southern desert regions of the Northern Territory have had more than their fair share of...

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Ultimate Nature and the Ultimate Camping Pack-Up

Our camping trip through gorgeous gorges and ranges of the Northern Territory has been more beautiful than I ever expected. The Katherine Gorge area and south to Mataranka and Bitter Springs, from big landscapes to small, rejuvenating springs for bathing, these were stunning. But Alice Springs and the MacDonnell Ranges, and Kings Canyon, and now Uluru, they all should be on everyone's bucket list--the ultimate nature experience.
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