Namaste = Good Will and Peace on Earth


I love love love this time of year! Especially today – the summer solstice.

For you northerners, you may be experiencing the type of climate you love and I’m happy for you. But, as a girl who grew up in the icy winters of Chicago, I can tell you I’m done with snow and freezing temperatures.

This semi-tropical weather we’ve been enjoying on the mid-north coast of NSW suits me to the ground. As I write to you, dear reader, I’m wearing shorts and a tank top and looking out on verdant forest and lawns. A little later in the day, I’ll head for Saltwater Beach. If the sea is a bit rugged, I’ll swim in the lagoon where the water is softened by oil from the surrounding tea trees.

Everything about this time of year spells expansiveness, doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eating and drinking more, being more demonstrative and showing more skin in my party dresses.

The tenor of my yoga classes has been upbeat and relaxed. We’ve been having focussed fun in class and then going out for end-of-year meals afterwards.

More than any other time of the year, the resonance of the word namaste - the word with which we close each yoga class – strikes the right chord in our hearts. The spirit of namaste is the very epitome of honouring. Imagine a world in which we interacted with each other respectfully and kindly.

As we move into the holiday season, feeling open and receptive, I send you this personal namaste wish:

I am grateful to those of you who are or have been my students, and to my teachers, as well.

I respect the light within me and honour this same divine spark in you, too.

This hoop of love and connection acknowledges that we are all one and lets us live in peace and harmony.

I bow to you and to me. (And, happy holidays, too!)

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