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In Praise of Legs Up the Wall

In Praise of Legs Up the Wall

What’s not to praise? Legs up the wall is a favourite with many people because it’s a pose that’s guaranteed to sort you out. With a minimum investment of energy, the pose will return you maximum benefits. It is restorative, regenerative and... read more

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‘Ultimate’ Yoga is Coming

When ‘Ultimate’ is a noun In the U.S. where I was born, there’s a word–snowbirds–to describe people who head for warmer climes when the first hint of winter chill infuses the air. For some of us, this is the ultimate lifestyle–never... read more

Mother Love: Let Me Count the Ways

My Women’s Group On Mother’s Day, as I write this post, I’m full of happy memories from the reunion that I shared with my women’s group last week. Let me tell you a little about us. Everyone of our group is a mother and some are grandmothers.... read more

A Great Combination: Yoga and the Joy of Singing

The Joy  There are lots of ways that people express courage. A person who is stiff, weak and doesn’t breathe well is as brave as an astronaut when they sign up for their first yoga course. I thought that I demonstrated this sort of courage when I joined Wingsong... read more

Yoga Props Can Be a Lifeline

An unexpected benefit that I’ve derived personally from using props is humility. They are truly supportive and remind me that I don’t have to it all myself. I can yield to a ‘helper’, and in this sort of surrender I’ve learned to let go physically. That has a knock-on effect for letting go emotionally and mentally, and releasing the tight grip of ego.

read more

A New Sangha of Yoga Teachers

A bright idea One thing I thought of earlier this year was getting local yoga teachers together for a once-a-month practice. The idea I had was that we teachers would come together with one individual leading a yoga practice, and that that person would nominate the... read more

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