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Yoga at Sunrise, A Cold Beer at Sunset

Yes, I do occasionally have a beer. Especially when the conditions are ripe for it. For instance, Northern Territory winter arvos with sunsets to live for. On occasion, I’ve been driven to drink a beer at the end of the day by the rigours if long distance...

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What This Yogini Has Learned About Camping

Yogini in steep learning curve I have a persona that I rather enjoy presenting to the world–that of being a skilful Yogini. I admit this fact in order to be completely transparent. I know that yoga is meant to help you divest of guises and the ego, but there it...

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The Yoga of Practising Kindness

The kindness of friends I’ve always thought that practising kindness was one of the most beautiful yoga practices there is. I’m not always good at it but kindness and generosity are my aims. In this post, I’d like to credit some of the many people...

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