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Recover from Gardening Labours with Yoga

Recover from Gardening Labours with Yoga

Like many of you, I do gardening. Which means I know firsthand how hard gardening is on the body. When my yoga students arrive at class with achy backs or sore shoulders or gardeners’ knees, I know it’s time to break out the poses that target these complaints.

Maintaining the yoga practice presented here will help us all sail through this Spring gardening season. 

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The Flower of Meditation–Resilience

I may be an elder but that does not always make me wise. One of my goals in doing regular meditation is to develop the quality of resilience. To be able to get myself out of a heavy mood in a reasonable timeframe. To get up off the floor when I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck. The Japanese have a saying, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8.” 

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Communal Living and Another 15 Minutes of Fame

I believe in the importance of community so much that I’ve chose to live communally. We are three couples, living under the same roof, sharing our lives together. This experiment in a different way to do retirement has been highly successful. We’ve been the subject of media attention even from the inception of our vision thirteen years ago.

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The Disciplined Yogi Sticks to the Program

At present, early in the season, it's hot and sultry. I feel lazy. I don't want to do anything except lie in my hammock, dozing off with an unchallenging book. Returning from a long overseas winter holiday has done nothing to improve my discipline. It's been so very...

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Yoga Shed Classes on through the School Holidays

The Yoga Shed... These are the days of artisan foods and organic clothing, and all manner of things that promote a simple, healthy lifestyle. But yoga is and always has been one of the simplest organic activities we can do for our total well-being. Yoga is as natural...

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Yoga and Age: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Yesterday's guest blog post, Yoga and Age, written by my friend Collyn Rivers is proving to be one of Yoga Suits Her's most popular. So, riding on this crest, I thought I might publish this excellent little video that Daniel made of Collyn a little while back. If a...

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Yoga and Age: Do Yoga Practitioners Get Old?

Am also encouraged by recent findings that the body may cease aging when one is past 91. The study (reported in a 2016 New Scientist) by Michael Rose (a professor of evolutionary biology), says that if you are lucky enough to live that long, you stop ageing. He notes that one’s health may not improve but it certainly does not get any worse. Whilst that advice is far not mainstream, population statistics do show that ageing seems to stop at 93 – and does not speed up again until we get a telegram from Queen Elizabeth (the Last) at 100.

Thus, if one makes it to 99, you are no more likely to die at any given point than someone of 93. (From 110 plus may be a different matter but I’ll let you know).

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